Superior Exterminating pest control services in Roanoke, VA

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Green Services

Green Services


Superior is mindful of protecting property and residents with . . .
the most effective and safe applications.


Green Pest Management is synonymous with Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


The Superior IPM process:


  • Thorough inspection of a structure

  • Correct Identification of an insect pest

  • Mechanical Control Recommendations (caulking, vacuuming, sealing cracks, etc.)

  • Using the least toxic product to control insect pests

  • Accurate record keeping and follow up


Superior's general pest management programs are designed around exterior perimeter pesticide applications to reduce the number of insect pest that enter the structure. Interior pest are eliminated by localized pesticide applications.


Superior Knowledge is KEY to being "Green" and effective: Many marketed "Green Pesticide" products are more toxic than the general use products. Superior knows pesticide products should be cost efficient and effective to keep cost in line and minimize repeated applications.


Continuing Education, Training and Knowledge of new methods and chemistries benefit our customers, the environment and maintain the integrity and high quality service offered by Superior.