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Termite Control

Termite Control


Prevention is the Best Policy

Choose Superior Exterminating to eliminate your Termite Problems


Termite ControlDepend on our trusted and knowledgeable professionals to thoroughly inspect your property. Our region is located in a heavy termite activity zone. Superior recommends that your home be inspected every three years.


Termites cause more damage in the U.S. than storms, fires and floods combined. According to the National Pest Management Association termites are responsible for $5 billion in property damage annually.


If you see any of these signs call Superior today for your free inspection:

  • A swarm of winged insects
  • Piles of small delicate insect wings
  • Damaged wood
  • Mud tubes running across concrete or masonry to wood
  • Pinholes in drywall or wallpaper


It is possible to not have any of these signs and termites still may be present but hidden.


Trust the Superior Plan for Termite eradication and prevention


  • FREE Inspection
  • Corrective action recommended
  • One-Year Warranty from Service Date
  • FREE 90-Day follow up Inspection